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Community Health Systems claims to “build strong relationships with the communities we serve.”[1] But in the course of the corporation’s rapid expansion through hospital purchases, CHS has antagonized residents, ignoring the needs and expectations of community members. Despite its slogan, “Promises Made. Promises Kept,”[2] CHS has broken its promises to many communities. 

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Firings, whistle-blower suits surface as employed docs speak out about problems on the job, Jan. 11, 2014
By Andis Robeznieks
Dr. Cloyd Gatrell was working as an emergency physician at the Carlisle (Pa.) Regional Medical Center when he began raising staffing-related patient-safety concerns. He accused the hospital of not hiring enough nurses, which led to ED waits of up to eight hours. Gatrell was later fired, and he filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the hospital and EmCare, the staffing firm that was his direct employer.

CHS Closes Trauma Center in Pennsylvania

When Community Health Systems purchased Brandywine Hospital in Chester County, Pa., in 2001, it promised to keep the hospital’s trauma center open for at least three years and provide 12 months’ notice before closing the center. However, barely a year after purchasing the hospital, CHS closed the trauma center, leaving the population with a 75-minute drive to the nearest trauma center.
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CHS Closes Parkinson’s Clinic in Spokane, Wash.

Despite promises to maintain a full range of services at Deaconess Medical Center when it purchased the facility in December 2008, Community Health Systems ignored community opposition and shut down the center’s Parkinson’s clinic, which was the only one of its kind in the region.
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